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Seamless Repair for All Walls & Ceilings

Drywall, sheetrock, plaster, popcorn, and other textures. We’ll quickly take care of any holes or unsightly damage and leave your home looking flawless once again.

We are skilled at handling any issues with drywall and can repair and repaint any part of your home. Water damage, holes caused by hanging artwork, damage during moving, and can not only make a wall look shabby, but can lead to further damage and even allow pests, moisture, and wind into your home.

We can fix that!

Cracks and holes in your drywall can happen for various reasons over time and can become quite the eye-sore. The professional team at Chris Burkhardt & Co Painting and Drywall can get it fixed the right way. In order for your paint to look perfect, you need a smooth surface underneath. We will have your wall looking as good as the day it was built.

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